Roadhouse 593

In this hour, I’ve got lots of horns, lots of walking bass and probably a little more harp than usual. If the music’s not rollin’, […]

Roadhouse 592

The bandstand’s set, the lights are dimmed, the sawdust is on the dance floor, and we’re ready to take you away from the cares of […]

Roadhouse 591

As always, a big hour ahead in this edition of The Roadhouse. It’ll probably get your heart rate going a bit as it’s pretty much […]

Roadhouse 590

This hour of The Roadhouse has a long set of live music and another trip in the Wayback Machine of blues history. Rivherside, Jim Suhler […]

Roadhouse 589

We’re spanning the globe in this edition of The Roadhouse, with blues from Texas, Louisiana, England, Romania, Serbia, and more. Greg Izor & The Box […]

Roadhouse 588

In this hour of The Roadhouse, I’ve got some blues that have crossed over from country, a band that was in some of the very […]

Roadhouse 587

Contemporary blues, classic blues, the next generation – this hour’s got it all. But, that’s what we do in The Roadhouse, right? Mix it all […]

Roadhouse 586

This hour of The Roadhouse pays tribute to the late Candye Kane with a track in every segment. But there’s also a bunch of other […]

Roadhouse 585

This edition of The Roadhouse comprises sets of varied themes – a set of contemporary blues, a set of blues rock, some killer soul blues, […]

Roadhouse 584

As has become the tradition in the past few years, this edition of The Roadhouse is focused on the 2016 Blues Music Awards, held this […]

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